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Our Products

Suction Machine on Hire

Suction Machine

Good for different clinical / medical / surgical procedures. Necessary tools for maintenance / replacement and spares provided.

Housing: Engineering moulded ABS plastic cabinet with 2 size hooks to hold tube.
Capacity 0-575 mm Hg ± 10 at 25 ltrs / min.
Pump Type Oil-free diaphragm pump
Jar Wide mouthed autoclavable 2 ltr. Collection jar (Polycarbonate), safety jar with mechanical / electronic overflow motor shut-off system with reusable / autoclavable bacterial filter
Tubing 8 mm ID X 2 mtr. (Silicon)
Vaccum Gauge 6.25 cms (2.5 inch). 0-760 mm Hg calibration.
Power 220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 125 watts. (110 V on request).
Dimension & Weight 23 x 42 x 36 cms; 7.5 kg.

You will have to consider a lot of things while hiring your suction machines. You must know how you will be using the machine and what procedure it is being hired for? You also have to know how loud the suction machine can be? Some of the models that we have are single purpose while others are multipurpose, so, before finalising the suction machine, consult the doctor if you’ll be using it at home.

Some of the things that you must also want to consider before going through with the hiring process are to have the proper idea of the mobility of the machines, its ease of use and how much power will it actually offer you and will it satisfy your needs?

Along with private clients, we also provide heavy-duty medical machines and equipment to almost all the major active hospitals in the city and surrounding areas. Most of our Suction Machine on Hire in Mumbai are long lasting and extremely durable, as they comprise of a high-quality pump and international-grade attachments; something which can’t be said about other suction machines available in the market. Our suction pumps can be used for/in: Surgery, Lungs, Dental, Tracheotomy, Pulmonary Aspiration, etc. Many of our suction pumps are electric and can be operated easily – if they don’t then let us take care of the products and provide you with a new one. Almost all our machines are small and portable, but the big ones are available on casters so that they could be moved easily. To know more about our Suction Pumps, call us and let us clear your doubts. .