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Electric Bed On Hire in Mumbai

Our electric beds allow our clients and their loved ones to stay in the comfort of their homes whether they are recovering from a serious ailment, injury or if they want to maintain their comfort level during a long-term ailment.

We have a mission to be the highest quality, lowest rate provider of hospital equipment to the clients. Our core business is to provide hi-tech medical supplies to all the medical care centers in Mumbai and if our business structure is anything to go by, it can be said that we have been successful in that regard. We enable the caregivers to better utilize their energy and time by providing them Electric Bed on Hire in Mumbai. Lowering and Raising any part of the bed are done by a simple press of a button – we don’t think anything can be simpler than that. If there is a power outage then these beds can also be adjusted manually.

Our beds have strong, lightweight frames. For people who need longer mattresses, the frame can also be extended. The high impact end panels are more durable, washable, and scratch resistant for easy cleaning. We truly care about the people we serve and always try to respond as promptly as humanly possible to all their service requests. We strive to be completely honest and forthright in our business and all our dealings. Our international-grade and highly durable electric beds can be hired at an extremely affordable rate; something which can’t be said about other similar service providers.

Five Functional Electric Beds

  • Cold steel plate whole moulding aperture clashing bed panel.
  • Integrated stamping frame and treated with electrostatic spraying, anti-aging and anti-rust
  • Streamline headboard and banister of PE.
  • 4pcs electro-motor, 1pc control box
  • One set of handset
  • 5" universal castors (2pcs with brake, 2pcs without brake)
  • Max Loading: 280 Kg
  • Battery back up

Fully Automatic Electric Bed

Three Function Electric Bed

Fully automatic three function beds designed with height, back and leg adjustability that can be controlled just by a click on the remote, making it easier for the patient and caretaker to operate the bed.

Five Function Electric Bed

Fully automatic five function beds motorized hospital beds designed with height, back and leg adjustability, additionally, the bed can be inclined up to 12 degrees from head or feet of the patient which helps increase the blood circulation. All features are controlled by a click on the remote, making life a little simpler for the caregiver and patient. You can now provide your patient with 7 star nursing facilities at your home.


  • Electric three functions, metal net panel
  • Aluminum collapsible guardrails
  • Powder coating mild steel frame
  • Pedal locking castors
  • Pedal locking castors
  • Electric inclinable lifting system