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Electronic Hospital Bed Dealer in Mumbai

Patients with a wide range of medical ailments and conditions can benefit from electronically controlled hospital beds. These beds can help the patients achieve a sense of comfort which is beneficial for their health and recovery process. Finding just the right electronic or adjustable bed can lead to major improvement in comfort level and quality of life and will also make it easier for the people to give them medical care.

We know how important it is to maintain the circulation, for example, if a patient is suffering from a heart condition or any other similar disorder where circulation of blood is vital then having an adjustable bed should be a top priority. Our electronic beds are designed by the experts and are known for helping people sleep in comfortable positions more naturally. As an Electronic Hospital Bed Dealer in Mumbai, we feel that it is our responsibility to break the stereotype that medical beds are always comfortable. No, they are not until you research the market properly and don’t just invest in any hospital bed. With us looking our for your demands, you can be sure of getting the most comfortable hospital bed at an affordable rate.

Browse our website to see the collection of hospital beds that we have for you [in case, you don’t find the bed you are looking, don’t fret as we must have exactly the same bed lying somewhere with us]. You can also visit our showroom to see the structure of our medical equipment and decide for yourselves then and there.

Fully Automatic Electric Bed

Three Function Electric Bed

Fully automatic three function beds designed with height, back and leg adjustability that can be controlled just by a click on the remote, making it easier for the patient and caretaker to operate the bed.

Five Function Electric Bed

Fully automatic five function beds motorized hospital beds designed with height, back and leg adjustability, additionally, the bed can be inclined up to 12 degrees from head or feet of the patient which helps increase the blood circulation. All features are controlled by a click on the remote, making life a little simpler for the caregiver and patient. You can now provide your patient with 7 star nursing facilities at your home.


  • Electric three functions, metal net panel
  • Aluminum collapsible guardrails
  • Powder coating mild steel frame
  • Pedal locking castors
  • Pedal locking castors
  • Electric inclinable lifting system