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We are the Leading Manufacturer , Supplier and Wholeseller of the Nebulizar and Hospital Equipment Dealers. We are the fast growing company in manufacturing the Nebulizar for the disabled people. We are one of the best Hospital Equipment Dealers in Mumbai and Hospital Equipment Dealers in Navi Mumbai.ICU Ventilator are available on rent. This kind of ICU Ventilatorcan be taken on hire by either patients at home or by hospitals for temporary use. The rental period can be few days to few months. We are one of the best Hospital Equipment Dealers in Mumbai and Hospital Equipment Dealers in Navi Mumbai.Some patients are on oxygen supply due to weak lungs and need regular monitoring to adjust the pressure of the oxygen. These patients must use a pulse oximeter with a reliable sensor.

Types of Hospital Beds

  • Manual Hospital Bed
  • Premium Hospital Bed
  • Fully Automatic Hospital Bed

Manual Hospital Bed

Manual Hospital Beds are a cost effective solution ideal for patients who either have a caretaker or who have the ability to use the hand crank to raise and lower the bed.

Manual Semi Fowler Bed

Manual Semi Fowler Bed which has single screw mechanism that is used to adjust the bed for backrest.

Manual Full Fowler Bed

Manual Full Fowler beds have options for different adjustments, making the patient comfortable. The back rest and knee rest position can be maneuvered with separate screw at foot end.


  • Frame of the bed- CRCA rectangular MS tube.
  • Bed shall be made up in four sections with perforated top
  • Top shall be made up of CR sheet uniformly perforated and welded to all four sections.
  • Two separate handle wound screw for backrest and knee rest arrangement for up down movement shall be provided.
  • Backrest sections can be raised up to 80 degree and knee section can be raised up to 35 degree.
  • The complete bed shall be treated and epoxy powder coated.
  • Four No. swivel castors of 100 dia., with two brakes are to be fitted on legs.

Premium Hospital Bed

Premium Manual Two Function Bed

Premium manual two function beds are manual adjusted and very comfortable in design. Easily removable head and foot boards. The functions of the bed are controlled through two manual levers located at the center of the foot board. These beds are cost effective in rates. The bed offers you hospital like comfort in your house.

Premium Manual Three Function Bed

Premium manual three function beds are designed the manual hospital beds with heavy-duty steel and height, back and leg adjustability. All the features of the bed can be easily operated with a simple turn of a lever, placed at the feet of the patient. The bed offers you hospital like comfort in your house.


  • Frame of the bed shall be made of CRCA rectangular MS tube.
  • The bed shall be made in two sections: One fixed section and other moveable backrest section.
  • Back rest position by crank mechanism at foot end.
  • Tubular head and foot bows of unequal height with vertical tube supports.
  • Pretreated and epoxy powder coated.

Fully Automatic Electric Bed

Three Function Electric Bed

Fully automatic three function beds designed with height, back and leg adjustability that can be controlled just by a click on the remote, making it easier for the patient and caretaker to operate the bed.

Five Function Electric Bed

Fully automatic five function beds motorized hospital beds designed with height, back and leg adjustability, additionally, the bed can be inclined up to 12 degrees from head or feet of the patient which helps increase the blood circulation. All features are controlled by a click on the remote, making life a little simpler for the caregiver and patient. You can now provide your patient with 7 star nursing facilities at your home.


  • Electric three functions, metal net panel
  • Aluminum collapsible guardrails
  • Powder coating mild steel frame
  • Pedal locking castors
  • Pedal locking castors
  • Electric inclinable lifting system